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- NWLI 3075 Linux Security
- Certified Data Center Advanced Technical Specialist
- Certified Data Center Technical Specialist

2009 Brocade (Foundry) Network Switches configuration course

2008 CLA (Certified Linux Administrator)

2007 CLP (Certified Linux Professional) & Technical Specialist

2006 - 2007 Several international acknowledged courses in administrating Novell SuSE Linux servers and SAP
- NWLI 3074 Linux Networking Services
- NWLI 3073 Linux Advanced Administration
- NWLI 3072 Linux Administration
- NWLI 3071 Linux Fundamentals
- SAPTEC Fundamentals of SAP Web AS

2001 - 2004 CFC (Certificate of Capacity) as Mediamatician

Definition “Mediamatician”: A mix between technical computer scientist, multimedia producer and management assistant (accounting, economy, CRM, marketing).
A typical job for a Mediamatician is for example IT project manager. With the mixed knowhow of a computer scientist and a business-economy assistant, the Mediamatician is the controlling and represantative part of both departments (e.g. production and IT). To plan realistic time ranges, schedule the appointment of human resources and analyse project budget is part of the organisation. Furthermore the Mediamatician is technically aware of how to use, develop or implement software and is the contact interface in the middle.

Business History

May 2009 - now: Systems Engineer at Advanced Currency Markets SA in Geneva

October 2008 - April 2009: System Administrator at MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co. SA in Geneva

July 2005 - September 2008: System Administrator at St.Galler Tagblatt AG in St.Gallen

November 2004 - June 2005: IT Project Manager at CTL Logistics GmbH in Düsseldorf (Germany)

June 2004 - October 2004: Multimedia Producer at Now Production GmbH in Münchwilen

For more details about the projects and tasks at the listed companies please refer to my online CV.

Other Commitments

Over several years technical/security consultant of Nova Company GmbH, a small webhosting company. Responsible for system tunings of the webservers (Debian Linux) and security settings for 455 customers. Since the beginning of my advice and installations, the servers became more stable and the server-availabilty increased to 100% (excl. network outtages of the server center). The servers were tuned and the services enjoy a much better performance than before (factor 3-5). Thanks to the stability of the servers and the friendlyness of the service desk, Nova Company serves meanwhile 642 customers.

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