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Full name: Claudio Marcel Kuenzler
Nicknames: Claude, Clod, Napsty (internet)

Age: 33
Zodiac sign: Leo (with all its positive and negative values)

Nationality: Swiss
Domicile: Switzerland

Spoken languages
Swiss German: Native language
German: Fluent
English: Fluent
French: Fluent
Swedish: Learning it with every day.. ;-)

Current occupation: Systems Engineer (details see /about/business)

Outside/Sport: Football (soccer), Beachvolleyball, Tennis, being in the sun and relax
Travelling: Sightseeing and discovering new cities and landscapes
Projects: Developping and managing Webprojects in my free time (details see /projects)

Why the nickname "Napsty"?
People kept asking me this question on and on. Let's start basics: Did you know "Napster"? It's been in the year 1999/2000 when Napster was the first, most famous (and best!) program to download music files in the world. I was a happy user of it and due to slow ISDN connection had to use it many many hours...
After some time I gave myself the nickname "Napsty". Because I wanted to remember and honor Napster's great time and to identify myself with Napster. Last but not least, my nickname is something like "former, fascinated user of Napster".

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