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Last Update: March 07, 2013

This page contains some links collected over time which contain interesting information, documentation, howtos, downloads etc... I hope they will exist for as long as possible!

Personal Links (Projects)
www.novahosting.ch Web Hosting Company.
www.atelier2.ch Website of an architecture office programmed by me.

Interesting blogs to follow
angrytechnician.wordpress.com Cynical technology blog from an anonymous IT professional.
vknowledge.wordpress.com Tech-blog from Ted Steenvoorden about Virtualization.
askdavetaylor.com This blog is like a huge FAQ knowledge base - updated very often.
australian tech blog That's how the aussies do IT - Tech Blog from Grant Davies.

Nagios Plugins and Documentations
OP5 ESX/ESXi Nagios plugin A huge Nagios plugin written in perl to monitor ESX 3.x, ESXi, vSphere 4 and vCenter Servers.
check_hpasm Very famous and good plugin to monitor the hardware of HP servers.
check_openmanage THE plugin to monitor the hardware of DELL servers.
SNMP4Nagios A lot of plugins which use SNMP to monitor network devices (like Brocade, Cisco, etc).
Monitor iSeries i5 Interesting article how to monitor IBM iSeries i5 with Nagios.
nagios.manubulon.com Several plugins to monitor Firewalls and Proxy appliances.
www.nsclient.org Nagios "plugin" to be run on Windows hosts (like nrpe for Windows).
Restart Windows Service through Nagios Eventhandler configuration to restart a Windows service.
Event handler using NRPE Well documentated example of an event handler using NRPE.
nagstamon A small tool for Windows showing current notifications from your Nagios server.

Enable SSH on ESXi 4.0 A tutorial how to enable SSH on ESXi 4.0 (where it is not activated and supported).
vSphere SDK Perl 4.1 Official SDK from VMware with which you may manage your ESX/i server.
Recover a deleted VMFS A tutorial what to do if a VMFS datastore has been deleted (e.g. by accident).
Install openmanage on ESXi A tutorial how to install and use Dell OpenManage (Offline Bundle) on ESXi 4.x.
Kill a stuck/frozen VM Useful commands to use on ESX (not ESXi!) when a VM hangs/freezes.
Stop a VM without vSphere Client If you can't stop a VM in vSphere client you can use this commands.
Remote Syslog Server ESX Use a remote syslog server on ESX (here 3.5).
Access USB/PCI Devices in VM Very good information/tutorial how to access USB and other devices with VMDirectPath.

Hardware and information: DELL
DRAC5 Documentation Documentation of DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) 5 card.
DRAC6 Documentation Documentation of DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) 6 card.
PE 2950 Hardware Manual Online manual of PowerEdge 2950 with important hardware information.
PE 2970 Hardware Manual Online manual of PowerEdge 2970 with important hardware information.
PE R805 Hardware Manual Online manual of PowerEdge R805 with important hardware information.
PowerConnect 54xx Manual Online manual of PowerConnect 54xx switches.
Equallogic PS5000E Testing Very good article of an admin who tested an Equallogic PS5000E.
OpenManage on VMware ESX Documentation to install Dell OpenManage on VMware ESX (not ESXi!).
OpenManage 6.1 Compatibility List of servers which are compatible with OpenManage 6.1.
OpenManage Version Docs Overview of currenct versions and their manuals of Dell OpenManage.
OpenManage 6.4 Server Admin OpenManage 6.4 Server Administrator for Windows (e.g. to monitor ESXi).
Dell's ESXi 4.1 ISO Dell's own adjusted version of ESXi 4.1 U1 (Build# 348481) with additional drivers.
Dell's ESXi 5.0 ISO Dell's own adjusted version of ESXi 5.0 U1 (Build# 623860) with additional drivers.
OpenManage ESXi Offline Bundle 6.5.0 OpenManage CIM Offline Bundle for ESXi 4.1.
OpenManage ESXi Offline Bundle 7.1.0 OpenManage CIM Offline Bundle for ESXi 5.0.
OpenManage ESXi Offline Bundle 7.1.0 OpenManage CIM Offline Bundle for ESXi 5.1.

Hardware and information: HP
ROM Identification and Upgrades How to find your actual BIOS/ROM version and the corresponding firmware upgrades.
How to find the product number A guide how to find your product number (needed for support).
Warranty Information Check if your warranty/hardware maintenance support is still valid.
Another Warranty Information Basically the same as above but another way to find information about your warranty.
HP SIM 6.2 Documentations Overview of documentations of HP Systems Insight Manager 6.2.
HP SIM 6.2 Linux HP Systems Insight Manager 6.2 (to monitor your hardware) for Linux systems.
HP System Mgmt Homepage HP System Management Homepage for Linux 64bit
Using ESXi / Hypervisor on HP servers Good information about running ESXi on HP servers and how to monitor them with CIM providers.
HP's adjusted version of ESXi HP's own version of ESXi with already integrated CIM providers for better hardware monitoring.
ESXi 4.0 Offline Bundle 1.1 HP's ESXi Offline Bundle 1.1 which contains CIM providers and other HP adjustments (for ESXi 4.0).
ESXi 4.0 Offline Bundle 1.2 HP's ESXi Offline Bundle 1.2 which contains CIM providers and other HP adjustments (for ESXi 4.0).
ESXi 4.0 Offline Bundle 1.6 HP's ESXi Offline Bundle 1.6 (for ESXi 4.0 U3).
ESXi 4.1 Offline Bundle 1.0 HP's ESXi Offline Bundle 1.0 which contains CIM providers and other HP adjustments (for ESXi 4.1).
ESXi 4.1 Offline Bundle 1.0a HP's ESXi Offline Bundle 1.0a which contains CIM providers and other HP adjustments (for ESXi 4.1).
ESXi 4.1 Offline Bundle 1.0b HP's ESXi Offline Bundle 1.0b which contains CIM providers and other HP adjustments (for ESXi 4.1).
ESXi 4.1 Offline Bundle 1.1a HP's ESXi Offline Bundle 1.1a (for ESXi 4.1 U1).
ESXi 4.1 Offline Bundle 1.4-26 HP's ESXi Offline Bundle 1.4-26 (for ESXi 4.1 U2).
ESXi 5.0 Offline Bundle 1.2-26 HP's ESXi Offline Bundle 1.2-26 (for ESXi 5.0).
Firmware Maintenance CD 8.40 Firmware Maintenance CD 8.40.
Firmware Maintenance CD 8.50 Firmware Maintenance CD 8.50.
Firmware Maintenance CD 8.60 Firmware Maintenance CD 8.60.
Firmware Maintenance CD 8.70 Firmware Maintenance CD 8.70.
Firmware Maintenance DVD 9.00 Smart Update Firmware Maintenance DVD 9.00.
Firmware Maintenance DVD 9.10 Smart Update Firmware Maintenance DVD 9.10.
Firmware Maintenance DVD 9.20 Smart Update Firmware Maintennace DVD 9.20.
Firmware Maintenance DVD 10.10 Firmware Maintenance DVD 10.10.
HP Business Forums/Community Main overview of business forums where you often get the answer faster than from the support.

iSeries / AS400
www.help400.de List of additional programs for iSeries.
wrkactjob description A short description of wrkactjob and other AS400 tips.
Compress SAVF A mailing list archive entry which describes the DTACPR (*YES) method to compress a SAVF.
A lot of AS400 FAQ Very good website with a lot of FAQ concerning AS400.
List of AS400 commands A list of AS400 commands with a short description of the function.
IBM's iSeries Fixes AS400 Fixes (PFTs) from IBM.
Installing cumulative PTF packages Good PTF installation instructions by IBM.
Basic command line infos Very good page with basic information how to work on a AS400 system.
List of Disk Expansion hardware IBM's list of storage products which can be used to expand the storage of your iSeries.
AS400 and LINUX Integration Good document with important information how to integrate Linux and AS400.
Review Audit Journal Entries A short overview how to read the audit logs created by AS400.

Pingability DNS Check A good and quick DNS check for domains.
MXToolbox Check RBL/DNS/SMTP/Port Checks.
www.who.is Probably the best Whois Lookup engine.
Bind9 Master/Slave on Debian A good HowTo install Bind9 Master/Slave DNS Servers on Debian Sarge.
Bind9 Master/Slave on SLES Good tutorial how to install Bind9 Master/Slave DNS Servers on SLES.
Bind Zone Transfers/Updates Good documentation how to enable the automatic domain update between Master and Slave.
SPF entry wizard A very handy online wizard (form) to generate an SPF DNS entry.

Convert SSL certificates An online form to easily convert SSL certificates (PEM, DER, PFX, PKCS, P7B)
OpenSSL Howto A VERY good page with all the openssl commands you need to know

sed/awk examples
Lots of sed examples 1 A good list of useful examples of sed.
Lots of sed examples 2 A good list of useful examples of sed.
Some more sed examples More examples of sed.
Word Wrapping Interesting topic how to wrap words in Linux.
Some awk examples Some examples of awk.
Delete with sed Delete one or more lines from a file by using sed.
Replace exact matching word Replace (or delete) exact matching word with sed.

Postfix / Anti-Spam solutions
ISPmail tutorials Awesome (!!) tutorials from A-Z how to create professional mail servers on Debian Linux.
Official Postfix documentation Here you find all the configuration parameters for Postifx. Official documentation.
Postfix statistics (pflogsumm) This perl script runs on your Postfix mail log and gives you extended statistics on your mail traffic.
TLS support in Postfix Good information how to activate TLS (connection encryption) in Postfix.
Postfix Backscatter Interesting Howto from Postfix to fight backscatter mails.
Postfix Exchange integration A perl script (getadsmtp.pl) which queries the Active Directory LDAP, saves the results in a static file.
Postfix Exchange integration 2 Another way to retrieve the LDAP entries but queries it with each e-mail instead of a static file.
Postfix and Amavisd-new Incredibly good tutorial how to use amavisd-new with Postfix. In German.
Postfix/Amavisd/ClamAV Very good tutorial how to configure Postfix, Amavisd-new, SpamAssassin and ClamAV.
Send test e-mail virus This page allows you to send a virus by e-mail so you can test your Anti-Virus installation.
Test Virus (EICAR) Another virus to test your Anti-Virus installation (EICAR Test-Virus).
Amavisd configuration This page shows the most important configuration parameters for amavisd-new.
Mailzu - an amavisd interface A tutorial to install a web interface to handle mails quarantined by Amavisd-new.
Official amavisd-new doc This is the official amavisd-new documentation. Lots and lots of text... ;-).
Wikipedia: Greylisting Wikipedia's declaration of Greylisting. What is it and what is it for?
Greylisting Installation A small tutorial how to install Greylisting but it misses the Postfix config.
Use sender-blacklist in amavisd Excellent mail post how to use a (black-)list of senders in Amavisd-new. Very easy and useful!
Daily spamassassin rules Some information about the "rules du jour" (daily rules) for SpamAssassin. In German.
SpamAssassin learns (sa-learn) Command 'se-learn'. You can tell SpamAssassin Bayes which mails are ham, which are spam.
Some custom SA rules plugins Some custom rules/plugins for SpamAssassin created by the community.
Using Razor for SpamAssassin Finally a good and useful documentation/information how to use Razor with SpamAssassin!
Blacklist Check On this page you can test if your mailserver (or domain) has been blacklisted.

Microsoft Windows, Exchange
Prevent user to send external mails Solution how to prevent an Exchange user of sending external e-mails (but still allowing internal).
Exchange Public Folders Tool Easy tool to modify permissions on Public Folders in Exchange 2k/2k3/2k7.
Windows 2003 Resource Kit Resource Kit Tools for Windows Server 2003 - a great package (robocopy, cleanspl, etc.).
Microsoft Office Compatibility Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack so you can open MS Office 2007 documents (e.g. docx).
Windows Key Finder Before formatting your computer you should have your Windows key ready for new install.

Tools for Windows-Admins (all free!)
HDDScan Free Harddisk diagnostic utility which checks the S.M.A.R.T. status of many kinds of disks.
ISO Recorder ISO Recorder by Alex Feinman. Create very easily .iso files from physical CD or DVD's.
Batch File Rename Utility Batch File Rename Utility helps you create batch-files to mass-rename files on Windows.
Notepad++ Awesome text-editor on Windows with a lot of functions and programming features.
ProxyFirewall A software firewall. You can decide which services should use a web-proxy or direct Internet.
TestDisk TestDisk is a great tool to recover files and boot sectors from defect disks or flash sticks.
TreeSize Free Missing 'du' on Windows? This tool shows you where you use your harddisk space.
EXT2/EXT3 on Windows Thanks to this driver you may run (external) disks which were ext2 or ext3 formatted.
IMGBurn Nice little program to burn (iso-)image files to a physical cd or dvd.
PC Inspector File Recovery Program to recover corrupt or deleted files.
RegCleaner Finally a tool to clean up the mess in the Windows registry !
VirtualCloneDrive Simulates a CD/DVD drive and mounts/loads (iso-)image files. No need to burn anymore.
Unknown Devices This tool helps you identify unknown devices appearing in the Device Manager.

Audacity Audacity is a very good and handy program to create or mix audio files.
Audiograbber Excellent program to create mp3 from your Audio CD (with CDDB connection).
Handbrake Good program to convert video to another format (e.g. mpeg to divx avi).
Virtualdub Program to cut/edit videos and reconvert them to another format.
MediaInfo Very handy little tool which shows detailled information of video files (with codecs, bitrate, etc).
CCCP Codec Pack A package of many video and audio codecs for Windows.
K-Lite Codec Pack Another package with many video and audio codecs for Windows. Updated more often.
BBFlashBack Recorder BBFlashBack Express is a free screen recorder, good to record your screen for tutorials.


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