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Claudio Kuenzler

Grüezi and welcome! My name is Claudio Kuenzler and I'm a Senior Systems and Devops Engineer working in the Zurich area in Switzerland.

I've been working with Linux and open source software/systems (professionally) since 2005. Dang, that's 18 years working on the command line already! Before that I was a web application developer. In all these years I came across a lot of technical challenges. This blog documents how I tackled some of them. The idea is to not keep every solution in mind but rather use the blog as an archive and reminder to myself if I come across the same problem again. Yep, that has already happened a couple of times. TL;DR: This blog is foremost my own personal reminder how to solve a challenge. Use the content if you like it, but there's no warranty on the information.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and friends, travel and (try to) play tennis. But even when I'm not working, I'm curious and fascinated by technology and I'm always working on something.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn.

I am available as off- or on-site open source systems consultant; mainly for monitoring (Icinga 2, monitoring architectures, dedicated monitoring solutions), systems security (PCI-DSS certified architectures using 100% open source software), automation (Ansible) and containerization (LXC, Docker and Kubernetes managed by Rancher 1.x and 2.x). For more information regarding consulting please check out the consulting page at Infiniroot.

Now I sincerely hope you enjoy this blog. Feedback is always welcome!

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