How to run GitHub CI/CD workflows (actions) on Rocky Linux (or another distribution)

Published on January 16th 2024 - Listed in Docker Linux Containers Git - 0 comments

Error in Rocky Linux 9 container using dnf; No such command: config-manager

Published on January 15th 2024 - Listed in Docker Linux Containers Git - 0 comments

GitLab Omnibus package upgrade error: It seems you are upgrading from X to Y

Published on November 14th 2023 - Listed in Git Linux - 0 comments

How to retrieve the latest release tag of a GitHub repository using Ansible playbook

Published on November 10th 2023 - Listed in Git Ansible - 0 comments

RPM import key error: key 1 not an armored public key

Published on October 27th 2023 - Listed in Linux Git - 0 comments

Travis CI Builds have been temporarily disabled for public repositories due to a negative credit balance

Published on September 29th 2023 - Listed in Git Coding Cloud - 0 comments

GitLab CI/CD pipeline using Docker image fails with error: shell not found

Published on August 28th 2023 - Listed in Docker Linux Containers Git - 0 comments

Gitlab access tokens not working anymore after upgrade to 16.x

Published on July 28th 2023 - last updated on July 31st 2023 - Listed in Linux Git - 2 comments

Fatal error during Gitlab CE upgrade to 15.11.x inside a LXC container

Published on July 28th 2023 - Listed in Linux LXC Git - 1 comments

How to renew expired GPG key (EXPKEYSIG 3F01618A51312F3F) for GitLab APT repositories

Published on March 24th 2022 - Listed in Linux Git - 4 comments

First steps with Github workflows (actions) for simple code/syntax validation

Published on November 25th 2019 - Listed in Linux Coding Git - 0 comments

Rancher 1.6: Github user not able to login (Internal Server Error)

Published on May 31st 2018 - Listed in Docker Rancher Linux DB Database MySQL Git - 0 comments

Clone a private git repository with Ansible (using password prompt)

Published on December 2nd 2015 - Listed in Linux Ansible Git - 5 comments

When GitHub and wget on Debian Wheezy bite each other (TLS warning alert)

Published on March 25th 2014 - Listed in Linux Internet Git - 2 comments

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