Cannot open file for writing error while trying to edit a file in /tmp (even as root user)

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How to disable (turn off) LED illuminator lights on Dahua IP surveillance camera

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Unexpected APT error when trying to enable Ubuntu Pro (ESM) service

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Workaround for negated (exception) iptables rules with multiple sources or destinations

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How to solve Citrix Workspace SSL error (You have not chosen to trust...) caused by missing Root CA certificates

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How to manually update the security feeds in GVM (Greenbone Vulnerability Management)

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How to block a client IP address or range in Cloudflare

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Wordpress (Japanese SEO) hack extracting and executing code from uploaded ZIP file

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Postfix rejects all incoming e-mails with message: blocked using; Error: open resolver

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Error: OID not increasing when parsing SNMP output of Checkpoint VSX

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Cloudflare: How to show a maintenance page but continue traffic to origin server from whitelisted IPs

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Cloudflare managed WAF rule blocks Confluence page edit close request (doeditpage.action)

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How to detect and fix (mitigate) SSL/TLS renegotiation DOS vulnerability in Postfix

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check_http and OpenSSL 1.1.1 - an evil combo due to backward incompatibility with older OpenSSL versions?

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How to add secure cookie flag on Jira (or any Apache Tomcat) server

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Handling validity check failed and empty client certificate chain errors in Elasticsearch

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Technical analysis of Wordpress hack with PHP script lock360.php as running process (reading PHP code from memory)

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New vulnerability exploits lead to mass hack attacks on multiple Wordpress installations

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Interface name change in SNMP output after Checkpoint upgrade (R80.30 to R81.10) leads to monitoring issues

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How to enable missing secure cookie attribute in Roundcube webmail

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SNMP v3 authentication with SHA1 protocol not working after Checkpoint Gaia upgrade to R81.XX

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How to remove a (alternative) domain from a Lets Encrypt (SAN) certificate using certbot

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Using Nginx and LUA script to mitigate against Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228) vulnerability attacks

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Monitoring plugin check_smart 6.12.1 released: Security fix, NVMe perfdata fix, Erase_Fail_Count_Total

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How to use AWS command line (CLI) with Google Authenticator as virtual MFA device

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Lets Encrypt Root CA expiry (server certificate verification failed): Make sure to remove DST Root CA X3!

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How to secure the Plesk Panel with a Lets Encrypt certificate (and solve port 8443 problem)

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Nginx reverse proxy error: SSL alert number 47 while SSL handshaking to upstream

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APT repository changes its Suite value from stable to oldstable: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repository can be applied

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How to solve apt error server certificate verification failed

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Monitoring plugin check_smart 6.9.1 released: Security fix in pseudo-device path

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After upgrading Linux Mint (Ubuntu), attachments in KeePass 2 do not open anymore: Access denied

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Protect your Wordpress blog from brute force login attacks

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Lets Encrypt certbot unable to issue certificate, missing command line (Please choose an account)

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Fixing Perl script using LWP unable to connect to TLS 1.2 URL; failing with sslv3 alert handshake failure

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Monitoring expiration dates of all ssl/tls certificates in the chain (intermediate and root ca)

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Running Harbor registry (Docker repository) behind reverse proxy and solve docker push errors

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How to detect Ghostcat AJP vulnerability (CVE-2020-1938) in Apache Tomcat

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Using ELK to collect Nginx logs and show TLS version and ciphers used by HTTP clients

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How the X-Cache HTTP header information (HIT, MISS) was abused for targeted attacks on our systems

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Windows 10 and Server 2016 clients block access to (Samba) shares with public guest account: Technical analysis and workaround for event 31017

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Local users becoming root using su without password authentication due to wrong PAM config

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How we successfully deflected a layer 7 DDOS attack with Nginx and GeoIP

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Debian Wheezy LXC container not running on Stretch host with Kernel 4.18 bpo anymore (a vsyscall story)

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Letsencrypt certificate renewal behind http proxy fails with unexpected error: bad handshake

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How to manually clean up Zoneminder events (and respect archived events)

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Ignore systemd log warning Failed to reset devices.list: Operation not permitted in OSSEC

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Firmware-Upgrade of a Dahua IPC-HFW1320S network camera

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Allow SSH access based on GeoIP country

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Move an iptables firewall rule up the chain before a reject rule

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fatal: Access denied for user by PAM account configuration

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Using Nagios check_smtp -S without SSLv3 (sslv3 alert handshake failure)

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Network Intrusion Detection System with Suricata on Debian Wheezy

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Joomla CMS hacks by using vulnerability in com_fabrik

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