Creating an AWS EKS cluster and solving kubectl connection issues (due to older awscli version)

Published on April 25th 2024 - Listed in AWS Cloud Kubernetes - 0 comments

How to monitor PostgreSQL database size in AWS RDS

Published on April 28th 2023 - Listed in Monitoring AWS PostgreSQL Databases Cloud - 0 comments

How to create databases, users (roles) and install extensions in AWS RDS PostgreSQL

Published on April 27th 2023 - last updated on May 8th 2023 - Listed in AWS Cloud Postgres Databases - 0 comments

How to list only a specific EC2 instance filtered on a tag (name) in AWS cli

Published on May 4th 2022 - Listed in AWS Cloud Linux - 0 comments

AWS: How to extend an EBS volume on EC2 instance and grow Linux LVM and file system without downtime

Published on April 21st 2022 - last updated on May 4th 2022 - Listed in AWS Cloud Linux LVM - 0 comments

Troubleshooting AWS EC2 instance with lost network connectivity (after upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04)

Published on February 9th 2022 - Listed in AWS Cloud Linux Network Systemd - 0 comments

How to use AWS command line (CLI) with Google Authenticator as virtual MFA device

Published on November 22nd 2021 - Listed in AWS Security Linux Cloud - 0 comments

AWS EC2 instances not booting after Ubuntu distribution upgrade (grub install to wrong NVMe device)

Published on November 12th 2021 - Listed in AWS Cloud Linux - 0 comments

PowerDNS master slave replication stopped working due to AWS Elastic IP mysteriously gone

Published on August 19th 2020 - Listed in PowerDNS DNS AWS Cloud - 0 comments

How to create automatic snapshots (backups) of EC2 storage volumes using Data Lifecycle Manager

Published on June 22nd 2020 - Listed in AWS Cloud Backup - 0 comments

How to create automatic backups (snapshots) of an EC2 instance in AWS using Cloudwatch

Published on April 3rd 2020 - last updated on June 22nd 2020 - Listed in AWS Cloud Backup - 0 comments

Quick EC2 instance type change using aws command line only

Published on October 22nd 2019 - Listed in AWS - 0 comments

Cannot start AWS EC2 instance after changing instance type: Ensure that your instance is enabled for ENA

Published on August 13th 2019 - Listed in AWS Linux - 2 comments

AWS EC2 instance scheduled for retirement: Panic? No panic (for EBS volumes)!

Published on June 21st 2019 - Listed in AWS Internet - 0 comments

HAProxy backend server behind AWS LB remains down with HTTP 503

Published on January 25th 2019 - Listed in HAProxy Linux Internet AWS Cloud - 0 comments

Magento2 Load Balancer Health Check for AWS ELB

Published on June 26th 2017 - Listed in AWS Internet PHP MySQL DB Linux - 0 comments

AWS EC2 instance unreachable after reboot ([Errno 101])

Published on June 16th 2017 - Listed in Linux Internet AWS - 4 comments

Monitor a PostgreSQL database in AWS RDS with check_postgres

Published on April 27th 2017 - Listed in Nagios Icinga Monitoring AWS - 0 comments

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