MySQL / MariaDB mysqldump error: Cannot load from mysql.proc. The table is probably corrupted (1728)

Published on March 17th 2022 - Listed in MySQL MariaDB Database Linux Backup - 1 comments

mysqldump: Error 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query when dumping table

Published on January 26th 2022 - last updated on January 28th 2022 - Listed in MySQL MariaDB Database Linux Backup - 0 comments

How to backup KVM virtual machines using script

Published on July 8th 2021 - last updated on July 9th 2021 - Listed in KVM Virtualization Linux Backup LVM - 3 comments

How to create automatic snapshots (backups) of EC2 storage volumes using Data Lifecycle Manager

Published on June 22nd 2020 - Listed in AWS Cloud Backup - 0 comments

How to create automatic backups (snapshots) of an EC2 instance in AWS using Cloudwatch

Published on April 3rd 2020 - last updated on June 22nd 2020 - Listed in AWS Cloud Backup - 0 comments

7 year old bug in rsnapshot fixed (LVM snapshot missing mount point)

Published on April 7th 2015 - Listed in Linux Unix Backup LVM - 0 comments

Rsnapshot does not remove LV snapshot when mount failed

Published on September 11th 2014 - Listed in Linux Backup - 0 comments

netio - a tool to measure network speed across operating systems

Published on September 26th 2013 - Listed in Windows Linux BSD Backup Network - 0 comments

FreeBSD Disaster Recovery with mfsBSD and ufs dumps

Published on January 24th 2013 - Listed in BSD Unix Backup - 0 comments

NetBackup init script for 32bit Linux (SLES)

Published on April 11th 2012 - Listed in Backup Linux - 1 comments

Monitor how many (virtual) tapes are left available in Datadomain

Published on March 29th 2012 - Listed in Nagios Hardware Backup Monitoring - 0 comments

Solve NetBackup error 2817 (FlashBackup-Windows policy restore error)

Published on March 16th 2012 - Listed in VMware Backup Windows - 0 comments

NetBackup errors (get_string() failed) appear in Report-Problems

Published on March 13th 2012 - Listed in Windows Nagios Backup Monitoring - 0 comments

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