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Looking for logrotate in FreeBSD? Use newsyslog.conf!
Wednesday - May 7th 2014 - in category: BSD Unix - 0 comments

Restore a single file from ufs dump on FreeBSD
Monday - Apr 7th 2014 - in category: BSD Unix - 0 comments

check_zpools now works without usage thresholds, too
Tuesday - Mar 11th 2014 - in category: Nagios Monitoring Unix Solaris SmartOS BSD - 0 comments

Nagios monitoring plugin check_zpools now has its own documentation
Sunday - Mar 9th 2014 - in category: Nagios Monitoring Unix Solaris SmartOS BSD - 0 comments

djbdns dnsache loop caching issue when using itself as resolver
Thursday - Feb 13th 2014 - in category: DNS Internet Unix BSD - 0 comments

Nofawkx hack: WSO PHP shell uploaded through (very) old tiny_mce
Monday - Feb 10th 2014 - in category: Hacks Internet BSD - 0 comments

smartctl on FreeBSD with CCISS (HP SmartArray) raid: Watch out!
Monday - Nov 11th 2013 - in category: Hardware FreeBSD - 1 comments

check_smart.pl saves server lifes (defect hard drive detected)
Tuesday - Nov 5th 2013 - in category: Hardware Nagios BSD Monitoring - 0 comments

check_smart.pl adapted to support cciss and handle grown defect list
Monday - Nov 4th 2013 - in category: Monitoring Hardware Nagios BSD Linux - 4 comments

Read Disk SMART values on FreeBSD (6.0) behind a HP Raid (cciss)
Sunday - Nov 3rd 2013 - in category: Harddware BSD Monitoring - 0 comments

check_smart plugin now supports FreeBSD
Monday - Oct 14th 2013 - in category: Nagios Monitoring BSD Hardware - 0 comments

Check SMART values of disks behind an Intel Raid on FreeBSD
Friday - Oct 11th 2013 - in category: BSD Hardware - 0 comments

netio - a tool to measure network speed across operating systems
Thursday - Sep 26th 2013 - in category: Windows Linux BSD Backup Network - 0 comments

FreeBSD 9.2 update from RC3 to RC4
Monday - Sep 23rd 2013 - in category: BSD Unix - 0 comments

Now that's what I call a web hack! (wonder.php, rusztiko.com)
Thursday - Sep 5th 2013 - in category: Internet PHP Linux BSD Hacks - 1 comments

check_zpools with performance data
Tuesday - May 21st 2013 - in category: Nagios Solaris BSD Unix Monitoring - 0 comments

Presenting check_zpools - a Nagios plugin to monitor zfs pools
Thursday - May 9th 2013 - in category: Nagios Solaris BSD Unix Monitoring - 2 comments

Monitor zfs pools - which Nagios plugin should be used?
Tuesday - May 7th 2013 - in category: Nagios BSD Hardware Unix Monitoring - 2 comments

Adapting check_mem.pl to measure memory usage on FreeBSD
Tuesday - Mar 19th 2013 - in category: Nagios BSD Perl Monitoring - 0 comments

User quota disk space monitoring with check_disk
Monday - Mar 18th 2013 - in category: BSD Linux Shell Nagios Monitoring - 0 comments

FreeBSD Disaster Recovery with mfsBSD and ufs dumps
Thursday - Jan 24th 2013 - in category: BSD Unix Backup - 0 comments

Weird case: MySQL causing high disk IO when filesystem shrinks
Tuesday - Dec 18th 2012 - in category: BSD DB Shell MySQL - 1 comments

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