Presenting check_zpools - a Nagios plugin to monitor zfs pools

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This week I compared several Nagios plugins to monitor zfs pools (see article Monitor zfs pools - which Nagios plugin should be used?). After having compared seven plugins found on,  I finally decided to continue with plugin number 3 (check_zpools), a bash/shell plugin.

Although the plugin already "did its job", I had to make some changes anyway to guarantee compatibility to both Solaris and FreeBSD systems. Besides that I completely revamped the plugin; I added help, options and thresholds for pool usage and changed the "design" of the plugin.

The modified plugin can be found on my github account:

I successfully tested it on the following operating systems (no modifications or additional installations are necessary):
- Solaris 10
- Open Solaris 11
- SmartOS
- FreeBSD 8.3

I asked the author of the last version to merge my modifications, so I think the my adapted version will soon be available on Nagios Exchange.

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ck from wrote on Sep 9th, 2015:

Thanks, Andreas, for the information. Seems that github has changed the URLs for the raw files. New link is:
I will update the article.

Andreas from Germany wrote on Sep 9th, 2015:
--> not found :-(