Table of contents in LibreOffice Writer not working after ODT download from Google Docs

Published on November 4th 2021 - Listed in Office Cloud - 0 comments

Mautic calendar not showing all events - how to fix the notes result limit

Published on May 26th 2021 - Listed in Office Cloud - 0 comments

How to use SUM function across multiple rows matching several criteria in LibreOffice Calc Spreadhsheets (SUMIFS)

Published on March 8th 2021 - Listed in Personal Cloud Internet Office - 0 comments

Brother MFC 9330 CDW and the mystery of the unwanted embossing marks (a.k.a. fuser replacement)

Published on January 21st 2021 - last updated on January 22nd 2021 - Listed in Hardware Office - 4 comments

Linux Mint cannot print on Samba shared printer after password change (apparmor and authentication errors)

Published on September 15th 2020 - last updated on April 13th 2024 - Listed in Linux Office Samba - 2 comments

How to create a visual status progress bar in a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Published on April 21st 2020 - last updated on August 27th 2021 - Listed in Internet Cloud Personal Office - 12 comments

Cannot print or open System Settings Printers anymore in Linux Mint

Published on September 4th 2019 - Listed in Linux Hardware Office - 0 comments

Read or count number of lines of an Excel xlsx file in Linux on the cli

Published on July 29th 2015 - Listed in Linux Perl Shell Windows Coding Office - 2 comments

Printing issues on Mac OS X 10.6 after upgrade to Snow Leopard

Published on July 5th 2011 - Listed in Hardware Apple Office Rant - 0 comments

HP Color LaserJet 2600n prints red 'background'

Published on February 20th 2011 - Listed in Hardware Office - 0 comments

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