Printing issues on Mac OS X 10.6 after upgrade to Snow Leopard

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What is going on these days? Is everything failing just because its nice weather? Instead of enjoying it I am running behind problems, I never thought there would be such. OK, in my natural way of being a sceptical, I always knew problems can always happen.

It all started Monday morning when my father called me that he upgraded all iMac computers in his office from OS X 10.5 Leopard to 10.6 Snow Leopard (the Saturday before I showed him how to do this) and now they can't print business plans anymore. To clarify: Printing on the Canon IPF 710 still worked, but some characters and some marks and lines were not printed. On the Internet I've found a lot of users having had lots of printing problems under 10.6.7, the machines were running 10.6.8 now after the Software Update. I also checked for driver updates of the IPF 710 on the Canon website. The driver version was still the same but there was a patch available, for OS X 10.6 which solves this:

This is the update program for CUPS driver to fix the following failures. - When you print data which includes characters, the printer cannot print properly. - The printer can only print a part of data, or print with corrupted layout.

But unfortunately this didn't help either. The business plans are business critical, so I decided to roll-back to the original 10.6.3 - to see if the problem came through the Mac Software Update or through the upgrade to Snow Leopard. This caused even more problems as suddenly QuickTime seemed to be missing. This caused problems in launching the software ArchiCAD 11 which - strangely - needs Quicktime. We ran Software Update again to get back to 10.6.8 and Quicktime was back - ArchiCAD started again. But the printing issues still existed. It was then when I got an answer on my question in the Mac OS X discussion forum with a link to the USA website of Canon asking if I use the latest drivers. I have used the downloads from the European site before and followed the link - to my very big surprise the version numbers were the same BUT the date was different, so was also the filename. The patch for OS X 10.6 was there also, but with a different file size and different name. So downloaded both, installed first the driver version 2.16 - the issue was still there. Then installed the patch - the issue was still there. But after a reboot, the patch seemed to be activated (maybe some parts of the driver were still in use) and then printing finally worked! All characters and lines were now printed on the plans.

I just wonder, why the European Canon website offers different downloads which don't seem to work....

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