How to verify and monitor Tinyproxy as a HTTP forward proxy

Published on December 15th 2022 - Listed in Monitoring Proxy Linux Internet Network - 0 comments

HAProxy: How to temporarily disable a backend server using the command line and the stats socket

Published on September 13th 2022 - Listed in HAProxy Linux - 0 comments

Varnish caching combined with HAProxy balancing in Kubernetes deployments (and tackling strange DNS issues)

Published on December 16th 2021 - Listed in Kubernetes Containers Cloud HAProxy Varnish - 0 comments

How to solve HAProxy running into max open files limit (Proxy reached process FD limit)

Published on May 1st 2021 - Listed in HAProxy Systemd Linux - 1 comments

HAProxy: How to use different HTTP Host header based on each backend server address

Published on December 11th 2019 - Listed in HAProxy Linux Elasticsearch ELK Cloud - 1 comments

HAProxy in Ubuntu 18.04 Docker image not starting: cannot bind UNIX socket

Published on December 4th 2019 - last updated on September 1st 2022 - Listed in Docker HAProxy Linux Kubernetes Containers - 7 comments

Boosting check_haproxy monitoring plugin to ignore backend(s), add bytes in/out to performance data

Published on September 17th 2019 - last updated on December 8th 2021 - Listed in HAProxy Monitoring - 2 comments

Debugging a HTTP 400 Bad Request error in Nginx leads to too large headers

Published on May 28th 2019 - last updated on April 16th 2021 - Listed in Nginx HAProxy Internet - 1 comments

HAProxy backend server behind AWS LB remains down with HTTP 503

Published on January 25th 2019 - Listed in HAProxy Linux Internet AWS Cloud - 0 comments

Handling different timezones of HAProxy logs in ELK stack

Published on August 28th 2017 - last updated on March 19th 2020 - Listed in Docker Rancher Linux ELK HAProxy Containers - 1 comments

HTTP POST benchmarking / stress-testing an API behind HAProxy with siege

Published on August 3rd 2017 - Listed in Internet Linux HAProxy - 1 comments

HAProxy fails to dynamically lookup DNS of backend servers

Published on October 27th 2015 - Listed in HAProxy Linux - 0 comments

HAProxy: Make httpchk on different port than application

Published on June 11th 2015 - Listed in PHP Linux HAProxy MySQL - 1 comments

HAProxy: Forward based on string in url combined with existing acl

Published on May 22nd 2015 - Listed in Linux HAProxy - 3 comments

Follow-up on using NTLM on Windows 7 for Proxy Authentication

Published on April 28th 2010 - Listed in Windows Proxy Network - 0 comments

Using NTLM on Windows 7

Published on November 11th 2009 - Listed in Windows Proxy - 0 comments

Hot times, summer in the city

Published on June 25th 2008 - Listed in Personal Bluecoat Proxy - 0 comments

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