How to fix Zoneminder recorded videos always starting with grey content

Published on May 6th 2024 - Listed in Zoneminder Surveillance Multimedia Security - 0 comments

H.265 codec video issue in LibreElec 11 running on Wetek Play 2 device (fast forward freeze) workaround

Published on February 17th 2024 - last updated on February 28th 2024 - Listed in Kodi Multimedia - 0 comments

How to quickly resize pictures on the command line using ImageMagick convert

Published on September 8th 2023 - last updated on November 12th 2023 - Listed in Graphics Multimedia Linux - 0 comments

Replacing my old webcam (Creative VF0700) with a new model (Foscam W81) on Linux Mint

Published on November 24th 2022 - Listed in Personal Linux Multimedia Hardware - 0 comments

How to rotate an image on the Linux command line using imagemagick (convert)

Published on October 4th 2022 - Listed in Graphics Multimedia Linux - 0 comments

How to find the exact center of an image using GIMP

Published on May 20th 2022 - Listed in Graphics Multimedia - 0 comments

Update to LibreElec 9.2.8 with Kodi 18.9 (Leia) on Wetek Openelec Box (aka Wetek Play 1)

Published on January 6th 2022 - last updated on January 19th 2023 - Listed in Kodi Multimedia - 18 comments

Crackling, buzzing sounds and bad audio quality in Linux Mint finally solved!

Published on August 11th 2021 - last updated on July 5th 2022 - Listed in Multimedia Linux Hardware - 16 comments

VLC unable to play music from Samba share (Your input cant be opened: unable to open the MRL)

Published on August 10th 2021 - Listed in Multimedia Linux Samba - 0 comments

How to watch Youtube on Kodi and solve 403 error on Google sign in

Published on December 18th 2020 - Listed in Kodi Multimedia Internet - 7 comments

Digitalising DVDs on Linux with Handbrake and video cutting with LosslessCut

Published on September 27th 2020 - last updated on January 10th 2023 - Listed in Multimedia Kodi Hardware Linux - 0 comments

Create an animated gif from a video source using ffmpeg, imagemagick and gifsicle

Published on September 21st 2020 - Listed in Multimedia Linux - 0 comments

Adding a video stream from an IP camera in Kodi TV using Surveillance Cameras add-on

Published on September 8th 2020 - Listed in Multimedia Kodi Surveillance - 4 comments

Image viewer (xviewer) on Linux Mint crashes on large pictures - set alternative (Nomacs) as preferred application

Published on September 2nd 2020 - Listed in Linux Multimedia Graphics - 1 comments

Kodi TV: Matroska video file (mkv) with increasing audio/video sync lag issue (solved!)

Published on August 31st 2020 - Listed in Multimedia Kodi - 0 comments

Digital TV recording (even scheduled) made easy with Libreelec, Kodi and Tvheadend

Published on August 29th 2020 - Listed in Multimedia Linux Kodi - 2 comments

Convert movies/clips to VTech Kidizoom Touch 5.0 video format using ffmpeg

Published on December 2nd 2019 - Listed in Multimedia Linux Personal - 4 comments

Create an animated gif image from still images on the cli using imagemagick

Published on May 2nd 2019 - last updated on October 31st 2019 - Listed in Linux Multimedia Surveillance - 0 comments

How to play an audio file on the command line or as a cron job in Linux

Published on January 22nd 2019 - Listed in Linux Multimedia - 2 comments

Wetek Play/Openelec Box update to LibreElec 8.2 features tvheadend wizard

Published on November 12th 2017 - Listed in Multimedia Kodi - 0 comments

Samsung UE55KU6400 defect picture when using external sources

Published on July 4th 2017 - Listed in Multimedia Personal - 0 comments

Rename jpeg files to contain the date the picture was taken

Published on May 6th 2017 - last updated on August 4th 2019 - Listed in Windows Linux Multimedia Mac - 0 comments

Rename video files to filename with recorded date using mediainfo

Published on January 16th 2017 - last updated on January 11th 2023 - Listed in Personal Linux Multimedia - 6 comments

TVHeadend Mutex Scan Settings for Cablecom and Thurcom (Switzerland)

Published on December 6th 2016 - Listed in Personal Hardware Multimedia Kodi - 0 comments

Troubleshooting Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Crash

Published on August 28th 2015 - Listed in Multimedia - 4 comments

Cannot read Audio CD in Hifi/Audio CD player but works on computer

Published on March 9th 2015 - Listed in Multimedia Personal - 0 comments

Firefox displays: The image cannot be displayed because it contains errors

Published on September 8th 2014 - Listed in Internet Multimedia Graphics - 3 comments

Photoshop fi written together as one character - how to disable ligatures

Published on February 13th 2014 - Listed in Graphics Multimedia Personal Internet - 0 comments

The search for the perfect Audio Player on Linux

Published on March 12th 2013 - Listed in Linux Multimedia - 0 comments

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