Cannot read Audio CD in Hifi/Audio CD player but works on computer

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I had to prepare an audio CD with a few songs on it. There were several CD-R (no brand, 700MB 80min 52x speed) empty disc's around so I just took one and burned the songs with CDBurnerXP.

Once the disc was finished, I tested it on the same computer and the CD played just fine. But when I tried it on a HiFi system the CD couldn't be read. I also tried it in my car - same there. The disc wasn't recognized.

I thought maybe that one empty disc was defect and tried it with one, two, three... others. Always the same issue. Then I read an information about the disc burning speed. I tried to burn another empty disc with 4x speed; same issue again.

Finally I tried it with a completely different set of empty discs (Sony CD-R 700MB 48x speed) and it immediately worked on the HiFi (I burned the disc with 4x speed).

Reminder to myself: Don't use no-brand empty discs for audio CD's.

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