Confluence removes MySQL connector library during update process

Published on December 13th 2023 - Listed in Atlassian Linux MySQL - 0 comments

How to find the currently installed Atlassian Confluence and Jira version on the command line

Published on October 19th 2023 - last updated on April 4th 2024 - Listed in Atlassian Linux - 0 comments

After Confluence copy: java.sql.SQLException: The user specified as a definer does not exist

Published on August 17th 2022 - last updated on February 15th 2023 - Listed in Atlassian MySQL MariaDB Databases - 2 comments

Cloudflare managed WAF rule blocks Confluence page edit close request (doeditpage.action)

Published on June 22nd 2022 - Listed in Atlassian Security Internet Cloud - 0 comments

How to add secure cookie flag on Jira (or any Apache Tomcat) server

Published on March 9th 2022 - Listed in Atlassian Tomcat Security TLS SSL - 0 comments

Problems with plugins (apps) after Confluence upgrade due to plugin cache

Published on September 7th 2021 - Listed in Atlassian Linux - 0 comments

Confluence upgrade from 7.7 to 7.13 fails with SQL error on replicated MySQL database

Published on September 6th 2021 - last updated on November 13th 2023 - Listed in Atlassian MySQL Database - 0 comments

Convert database and tables from utf8 to utf8mb4 and solve collation errors in Jira and Confluence

Published on September 29th 2020 - last updated on February 23rd 2022 - Listed in Atlassian Database MySQL - 11 comments

Atlassian Jira not starting, shows setup page in browser and database is not yet configured in logs

Published on September 8th 2020 - Listed in Atlassian Database MySQL - 0 comments

Error on Tomcat start java.sql.SQLException: The server time zone value CEST is unrecognized after updating MySQL JDBC connector

Published on August 11th 2020 - last updated on August 12th 2020 - Listed in Tomcat Atlassian Database - 0 comments

Confluence page update through REST API not working anymore (error 501: Unable to save changes to unreconciled page)

Published on March 6th 2020 - Listed in Atlassian Linux - 0 comments

Login using Active Directory in Atlassian Jira fails with LDAP: error code 1

Published on May 16th 2019 - Listed in Linux Atlassian - 0 comments

Automatic SLA reporting from Icinga and push into Confluence page

Published on April 4th 2018 - last updated on March 6th 2020 - Listed in Icinga Monitoring Nagios Linux Atlassian - 2 comments

How to setup collaborative (parallel) editing in Atlassian Confluence

Published on August 18th 2017 - last updated on February 6th 2020 - Listed in Linux Internet Atlassian - 0 comments

Unable to delete application link in JIRA (NullPointerException: consumer)

Published on April 3rd 2017 - Listed in Linux Database Windows Atlassian - 0 comments

Tackling Confluence migration issues (Windows+MSSQL to Linux+MariaDB)

Published on March 24th 2017 - Listed in Linux Database MySQL Windows Atlassian - 0 comments

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