Wordpress block editor (Gutenberg) crashes with unexpected error when editing text heading

Published on August 19th 2023 - last updated on August 21st 2023 - Listed in Wordpress CMS - 0 comments

Troubleshooting very slow Wordpress backend (100% CPU usage on uploads) with eBFP and Flamegraphs

Published on May 6th 2023 - last updated on December 12th 2023 - Listed in Linux Apache PHP Wordpress - 1 comments

Wordpress (Japanese SEO) hack extracting and executing code from uploaded ZIP file

Published on August 26th 2022 - Listed in Security Wordpress PHP Hacks - 0 comments

Technical analysis of Wordpress hack with PHP script lock360.php as running process

Published on February 22nd 2022 - last updated on November 14th 2023 - Listed in PHP Security Linux Hacks Wordpress - 9 comments

New vulnerability exploits lead to mass hack attacks on multiple Wordpress installations

Published on February 18th 2022 - last updated on February 22nd 2022 - Listed in Security Wordpress Internet Hacks - 0 comments

Protect your Wordpress blog from brute force login attacks

Published on February 1st 2021 - last updated on February 2nd 2021 - Listed in Wordpress Security Hacks - 0 comments

Google not indexing Worpdress WPML translated pages - marked as duplicate (but they are not duplicates!)

Published on September 17th 2019 - Listed in Wordpress Internet - 1 comments

Wordpress keeps flashing updating button when updating pages using WPML Multilingual CMS

Published on August 17th 2019 - Listed in Wordpress PHP - 0 comments

Public and Private keys incorrect error in Wordpress with SSH auth

Published on February 2nd 2015 - Listed in Internet PHP CMS Wordpress - 0 comments

Updating Wordpress: Got a PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT error? The solution.

Published on November 26th 2013 - Listed in Internet Wordpress Linux - 0 comments

Wordpress: Blog comments disabled but comment spams still happen

Published on August 12th 2013 - Listed in Internet CMS Wordpress Rant - 0 comments

Wordpress timthumb hack - a PHP hack story

Published on November 9th 2011 - Listed in Linux PHP Hacks Wordpress - 0 comments

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