RabbitMQ queue monitoring and fixing check_rabbitmq_queue monitoring plugin

Published on January 4th 2024 - Listed in Monitoring Coding Perl Linux - 0 comments

Perl error: Cant locate strict.pm: Permission denied (due to additional shared libraries path)

Published on December 19th 2023 - last updated on January 5th 2024 - Listed in Perl Linux - 0 comments

How to grep for an exact string match with Perl

Published on August 4th 2023 - last updated on August 7th 2023 - Listed in Perl Coding - 0 comments

Adding performance data to dbstats action of check_postgres monitoring plugin

Published on July 12th 2023 - Listed in Databases PostgreSQL Monitoring Perl - 0 comments

otrs.Daemon.pl DateTime::TimeZone errors flooding OTRS server after system updates

Published on September 27th 2022 - Listed in OTRS Linux Perl - 0 comments

Understanding Perl Net::DNS resolving and patching check_rbl to support a specific nameserver

Published on August 5th 2022 - Listed in Perl Coding Monitoring DNS Mail - 0 comments

How to use Perl Net::SNMP v3 authentication with newer SHA (SHA256, SHA512) protocols

Published on April 8th 2022 - Listed in Perl Monitoring Linux - 0 comments

Monitoring plugin check_vmware_snapshots with Perl error: Server version unavailable

Published on August 20th 2021 - Listed in Perl Monitoring VMware Virtualization - 1 comments

Defining optional (sub-) URI paths in Nginx locations using PCRE regular expressions

Published on July 16th 2021 - Listed in Nginx Perl - 0 comments

How to use Linux hw-probe behind a HTTP Proxy (for probe upload to linux-hardware.org)

Published on June 11th 2021 - last updated on June 15th 2021 - Listed in Linux Perl Coding Hardware - 0 comments

How to use Perl regular expression and save match to a new variable

Published on April 21st 2021 - Listed in Perl Coding - 0 comments

Fixing Perl script using LWP unable to connect to TLS 1.2 URL; failing with sslv3 alert handshake failure

Published on November 2nd 2020 - Listed in Perl Coding Security TLS - 0 comments

Major release: check_smart plugin now allows multi attribute checks, supports multiple warning thresholds

Published on June 4th 2019 - Listed in Monitoring Icinga Nagios Perl Hardware - 0 comments

From strings to arrays to hashes and how to view the values in Perl

Published on June 4th 2019 - Listed in Perl Coding - 0 comments

How to install and use check_netapp_ontap plugin to monitor NetApp filer

Published on March 22nd 2019 - last updated on March 3rd 2023 - Listed in Monitoring Icinga Nagios Perl Hardware - 4 comments

Installing check_vmware_esx.pl and VMware Perl SDK 6.7 on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial

Published on July 20th 2018 - Listed in VMware Monitoring Icinga Linux Perl - 2 comments

Read or count number of lines of an Excel xlsx file in Linux on the cli

Published on July 29th 2015 - Listed in Linux Perl Shell Windows Coding Office - 2 comments

Use of uninitialized value XXX in concatenation (.) or string (perl snmp)

Published on June 26th 2014 - Listed in Perl Linux - 0 comments

check_smart with support for hardware raid controllers

Published on July 8th 2013 - Listed in Nagios Hardware Linux Perl Monitoring - 0 comments

Adapting check_mem.pl to measure memory usage on FreeBSD

Published on March 19th 2013 - Listed in Nagios BSD Perl Monitoring - 0 comments

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