Using NTLM on Windows 7

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Since not even one month Windows 7 was officially released for the public and is available in stores. Today was the first time, I actually had to work with Windows 7 and ran right into the first problem: NTLM Authentication against a Squid Proxy Server. Each time I started IE (8), a Pop Up would ask me for my login credentials. Even when I entered them, no website was shown, instead the Po Pup came back. I checked the option in IE to allow credentials to be passed further (Tools->Internet Options->Advanced->Security/Enable Integrated Windows Authentication) and it was checked, therefore activated. What could it be? Then I found the following forum post: "The problem is the autentificación NTLM of Windows7. It is necessary to create the following key in the registry to solve it". This is the registry key you have to set yourself: In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa create a new DWORD value named LmCompatibilityLevel and set the value to 1. Reboot. After the reboot I started IE and without even asking me anything I could start browsing. Hurray!

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