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Asus EAH 2400 Pro graphic card shows all videos in green - can't watch videos anymore

Last Update: 07.11.2008

I recently bought a new graphic card because my old one probably broke down. They're not really expensive anymore and I am not a gamer - so a 256MB ASUS EAH 2400Pro would make it.

So I followed the instructions, installed the drivers, seated the PCI-Express card in my PCI-E slot and start my computer. The driver installation goes smoothly, so does the additional configuration software installation. I was looking forward to finally use my computer again and then oh shock when I wanted to watch a video the first time. It looked like this:

Asus EAH 2400 Pro green video

Uwah! What happened? First I thought the graphic card might be broken which was a stupid thought because Windows XP worked well and pictures and everything were displayed just fine. So my second guess was to install the newest driver from the ASUS website. I was pretty sure that would do it but after a successful driver update I still got the green videos. Annoying!

Today I finally found the solution! The final hints were given me from this german forum. I didn't read the whole thread but some hints gave me the solution.

On your desktop make a right-click and click on "Settings".
In the now opened window change to the tab "settings". In this tab click on "Advanced" in the right lower corner.

Windows Display Settings

A new window will open which is called something like "Settings of plug and play monitor...". Here's a tab called "ASUS". Click on this one. You will have two tabs within. One called "ASUS OSD" the other one "ASUS Splendid". Click on "ASUS Splendid".

Asus Splendid Settings

Here's the bad thing! You have to deactivate this Splendid thing with check button in the section "settings". Apply your change and leave the windows with OK.

After that you will be able to watch your videos again! You can't imagine how happy I am to finally have found the solution!!! :-)))

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