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How To: Extend (Make it bigger) an ext3 formatted LVM partition

1. Extend the LV partition

lvextend –L +1GB /dev/vgroot/lvsrv

2. Adjust the filesystem (ext3) to the new size of the partition

ext2online /dev/vgroot/lvsrv

3. Occasionally you can tell the command ext2online how big the filesystem should be, the command above usually resizes the filesystem to use the full amount of the partition

ext2online /dev/vgroot/lvsrv 5G

Update February 2nd, 2012

The above steps were written a long time ago (I think in 2008) and on a SLES9 machine.
Today I needed to do the same, but on a SLES11 machine and the command ext2online does not exist anymore.
The new command to use nowadays, which generally works on all Linux systems, is the following:

resize2fs /dev/vgroot/lvsrv