Yes, you have maintenance, but not for batteries

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One of the main reasons to accept a maintenance contract with hardware vendors like Dell, HP, IBM, etc. is to NOT buy new/replacement equipment, in case some parts become defect.

That's normal right? Well it seems that this doesn't count for batteries in Dell PowerEdge servers anymore. I received several hardware warnings which led to the conclusion that the raid controller battery (Romb Battery) failed. After opening the case with the Dell Pro Support, the technician announced that batteries aren't covered in the maintenance contract anymore.

Excuse me?! A Pro Support maintenance contract costs several hundreds of dollars a year and is usually never used, and when it comes to a failed battery part you don't want to replace it?

DELL, if you want to keep your company clients satisfied, then do whatever you can so your customers keep paying a lot for your maintenance contracts but continue to replace EVERYTHING which fails in a server. Without exception.

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