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Nagios plugin check_disk_smb outputs Result from smbclient not suitable
Friday - Mar 9th 2012 - by - (1 comments)

Just wanted to add a monitoring of a Samba share, when I stumbled over the following error:

# ./check_disk_smb -H -s "plans$" -u plans -p myplan -w 30 -c 50
Result from smbclient not suitable

The plugin seems to have troubles finding the smbclient (which needs to be installed!) or executes it in a bad way.

On the well known Nagios forum nagios-portal.org I found this topic, which talks about the same problem. Basically a recompilation of the Nagios plugins with smbclient installed should solve the problem. But the recompilation not only needs the smbclient location but seems to also look for Samba header files, which in my case I didn't install.

As an alternative one can manually set the path to the smbclient program in the plugin check_disk_smb. First find out the path to smbclient:

# whereis smbclient
smbclient: /usr/bin/smbclient /usr/bin/X11/smbclient /usr/share/man/man1/smbclient.1.gz

Then modify line 60 (the definition of the $smbclient variable). I copied the original line and commented it:

#my $smbclient = $utils::PATH_TO_SMBCLIENT;
my $smbclient = "/usr/bin/smbclient";

And then the check ran fine:

# ./check_disk_smb -H -s "plans$" -u plans -p myplan -w 30 -c 50
WARNING: Only 20.66G (53%) free on \\\plans$


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Kyle wrote on Mar 2nd, 2014:
You will also get this error message if you don't have enough user slots available on the SMB share. I mounted my shared drive, and suddenly the Nagios check was failing. Unmounted it, and it would work just fine. Turns out, there was only 1 connection at a time allowed in Windows Sharing. Moved it up to 2, mounted the drive, and the Nagios check still worked.

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