PHP 5.2.8 is out! hmmm...

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Yesterday I saw that PHP 5.2.8 was released - after last week's PHP 5.2.7 which was buggy if the magic_quotes were enabled. Oh well, that can happen. So now 5.2.8 is out and let's enjoy that! (enjoy = install, test it). I have compiled PHP for I don't remember how many times so it's like sleepwalking to me. But yesterday it was different. What happened? So I started the configure, followed by the make and of course the make install. At the end of the make install I got the following output on my shell session:

Wrote PEAR system config file at: /usr/etc/pear.conf You may want to add: /usr/lib/php to your php.ini include_path Installing PDO headers: /usr/include/php/ext/pdo/ Installing ZIP headers: /usr/include/php/ext/zip/lib hmmm hmmm

hmmm...? What does this hmmm mean? It's obviously a small bug according to the bug #46810 on It does not harm your PHP installation but still.. where does this "hmmm" come from? The comment of PHP Developer Jani explains it to us: It's the braindead hack someone added for BC reasons. Pierre, it's your stuff that breaks here. Remove the crap from Makefile.frag and use the proper configure macro instead: PHP_INSTALL_HEADERS. So that's it. In the next version, this "crap" will be removed. I love this comment! =)

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