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Back from vacation and exciting last week
Monday - Sep 22nd 2008 - by - (0 comments)
What an awesome time we had on vacation! We were so lucky with the weather (except one day with tropical storm Hanna), the US-Dollar was pretty low when we exchanged the Swiss Francs and we were right in time for the Sales in the stores! In case you wanna go to the USA too, here are some little rules, what you should do and what you shouldn't do: Do's in the USA Eat cheeseburgers, take a one-hour-boat-tour (Manhattan), go shopping in Outlet-Malls, order Papa John's pizza, use the water-taxi's in Baltimore, drink Fanta Orange (way better than our Swiss Fanta!), order a big beer in Hard Rock Cafe (you get the glass to take home). Definitely Dont's in the USA Using public transportation systems (it takes forever, the schedule is inaccurate and sometimes there isn't even a bus!), using the USA Rail Pass offer from Amtrak (you can only ride 4 times!), be in a motel where somebody opens the ceiling above you and looks into your bathroom, have a cab driver who can't read and doesn't know where you wanna go. Additionally for today's post: It's my last week at my current employer! I've had such a good time here and I learnt so many things. Now it is time to move on... To get into the international business. What a weird feeling, to know I'm sitting the last week in my own office. Bye bye my own office - I won't have that at my new employer. I'm ready for this new challenge! Let's rock! Hehe :-))


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