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It took 821 days or 2 years, 2 months and 30 days until this post!
Originally launched as a reminder for some work-specific tasks, I realized pretty fast, that some HowTo's were well visited - so I continued writing HowTo's when I thought it might be helpful for others. Meanwhile the website has an average of 80 unique visitors per day having reached the so-far-maximum of 102 visitors a few days ago (August 4 2010).
And since the SEO optimization coding I made earlier this year (April 2010) the numbers continue to grow as you can see from the following statistics:


From post #1 until this post there were
- 14'576 visitors
- 22'771 pageviews (which makes an average of 1.56 pageviews per visit)
- visitors which came from 147 different countries

Thanks to all the people having visited and will continue to visit this website!

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