Release 1.10 of monitoring plugin check_es_system allows specific thread monitoring (using tps check type)

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A new version of check_es_system, an open source monitoring plugin to monitor Elasticsearch clusters or nodes, is available!

The newest release 1.10 adds the possibility to monitor specific threads using the thread pool statistics check (-t tps). This is done by internally rewriting the already existing -i parameter. This parameter was used to define which index(es) should be monitored using the readonly check type (-t readonly). Now the -i parameter is internally used as "include" parameter to define a list of objects to monitor.

In combination with the tps check type, specific thread pools can be monitored (here watcher and refresh thread pools):

$ ./ -H myEScluster.local -P 9243 -S -u user -p secret -t tps -i "watcher refresh"
ES SYSTEM OK - Found 2 thread pools in cluster|tp_instance-0000000015-refresh_active=0;;;; tp_instance-0000000015-refresh_queue=0;;;; tp_instance-0000000015-refresh_rejected=0;;;;  tp_instance-0000000015-watcher_active=0;;;; tp_instance-0000000015-watcher_queue=0;;;; tp_instance-0000000015-watcher_rejected=0;;;;

The documentation was adjusted accordingly.

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