check_infoblox monitoring: End of life but not dead thanks to open source community! (new check types added)

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Around two years ago we've migrated all our DNS zones from an Infoblox appliance to PowerDNS and the appliances were shut down and removed from the server racks. This also meant the end of development on the monitoring plugin check_infoblox for me as I had no access to an Infoblox appliance anymore.

But end of life does not have to mean that the plugin is dead. The monitoring plugin is still available on the GitHub repository and open for contributions. And this is what happened. :-)

Remi Verchere already created a pull request a while ago. Unfortunately due to some weird GitHub configuration (on my part probably) I never got notified and only recently stumbled on it. He did quite an amazing job:

  • The "grid" check type was renamed to "ha" as the OID information refers to "ha" and better fits the description (high availability check whether or not the node is active or passive). In case the "grid" check type is still used, an UNKNOWN error will now show, that this check type was replaced by "ha".
  • The "swap" check type was added, to measure the swap usage.
  • The "service" check type was added, which allows to monitor the status of the Infoblox services, for example dhcp or dns.
  • The "dnsview" check type, to monitor whether dns view is active or not, was added. This check type is a bit special, as it requires the local presence of IB-DNSONE-MIB (on the monitoring server).

Kudos and thanks to Remi for all these changes, even though the plugin was "marked" as end of life. That's the power of open source and I'm very glad these contributions were added into the "upstream" plugin.

The documentation of check_infoblox was updated accordingly.

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