SLES 11 SP1 contains VMware vmxnet3 and paravirtual drivers

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What a change! As I previously read on a German tech news website, VMware is giving Novell's SLES11 for free - which basically means that both companies have made an agreement. To do so, both systems must fit together like the dot on the i.

The first Linux servers I virtualized back in 2005, was a SLES9 (without any SP) and this already worked fine. However,  if some special VMware modules needed to be installed, the compilation of VMware-Tools was necessary. Not a big problem, but still, it caused a short downtime of the VM due to a 'cut' of the network connection.

Now this seems to be gone. I am currently installing a test VM with SLES11 SP1 on a VMware ESXi 4.1 host and already on the first screen I see this:

VMware driver moduls in SLES11

Yes, I even chose para-virtualization as my choice of disk bus (instead of LSI Logic or Buslogic) and this is still recognized. Reminder: This is just the SLES11SP1-DVD1 which already sees that, without having installed or prepared anything else.

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