Dell supports people from a country called ... Second Life

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Published on September 15th 2010 - Listed in Internet

I always knew there are some very very strange people outside. Especially such which only think they exist virtually - they don't leave their apartment anymore because their own existence in online games or chats like Second Life is more important than the actual physical life. Nothing new, I admit, we all already have heard of such stories.

New is actually, that Second Life is being recognized as a country! April's fools? Nope! At least on the DELL support website you can select 'Second Life' as a country. Try it yourself! And this is how it looks:

Dell shows Second Life as a country

Now what happens if we select this country? A HTTP redirect forwards us to  which looks like an advertisement for the 'DELL island' in Second Life. Oh come on! Somewhere this virtual ego pushing has to be stopped...

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