Wyse TCX Multi-Display + VM on ESXi 4.1 + CRM 4.0 = Evil combination

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For the last three days, I have been fighting around with users having issues using Microsoft CRM 4.0. Their CRM kind-of crashed almost every time they tried to open a lead. They received an error message, that a pop up has been blocked like:

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM window was unable to open, and may have been blocked by a pop-up blocker.

I've found a lot of hints and possible resolutions online, but none of them could help me. Some are that good that they should be mentioned here, they might be helpful for other people having pop-up problems with CRM:

- http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/crmdeployment/thread/708e95e1-26b5-4db7-817d-390fa9a5b10a
- http://phase2.com/blog/?p=1207
- http://workyoustupidthing.com/?p=57

As I said, unfortunately none of them could help me in my case. Now the difficult part is, that this all worked fine, until Monday. The only change which has been made to their virtual Windows XP machines was a migration from a former ESXi 4.0 to a newer ESXi 4.1 host. So the VM's have newer VMware Tools installed, that's about the only change since.
Part of my troubleshooting was to connect myself via RDP to the affected VM's. To my big surprise everything worked - all the leads opened the pop-up. Without exception. I had it try again by a user. And as soon as the user tried it, it didn't work anymore.

The only difference between the user's connect to the VM and my RDP-connection is the following: The user is using a Wyse ThinClient to connect via RDP, my connection came from a standard Windows XP Pro machine. When the Wyse RDP is launched (and only then), a software called Wyse Multi-Display is launched on the VM - and this in my case caused the pop-up problems. I still can't explain why the error messages were indicating a pop-up error problem which points to Internet Explorer.... But once Wyse TCX Multi-Display was uninstalled, the leads-pop-ups could be opened again.

As this worked fine before on an older ESXi host, it must also be related to new VMware Tools. So watch out when you use Windows XP Pro SP 3 + VMware Tools for ESXi 4.1 + Wyse TCX Multi-Display + CRM 4.0!

Update: My colleague just did some further testing and found out, that in general the new VMware Tools (ESXi 4.1) and Wyse TCX Multi-Display don't work well together. There are even problems to open Internet Explorer...

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