New version 20101026 of check_equallogic

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There's a new version of check_equallogic available. Today's release contain the following changes:

Return to /bin/bash
I started to program the plugin using /bin/bash and then (mistakenly) decided to change it to /bin/sh, having seen that most systems are anyway symlinking /bin/sh to /bin/bash. Big mistake. For example Ubuntu makes a symlink to /bin/dash which causes to fail the plugin. I got a lot of comments from Ubuntu users, having had problems like:

./check_equallogic: ${ethnames[...}: Bad substitution

Bugfix in snmpwalk usage
In some distributions and in some versions it is necessary to use the snmpwalk with the Output params -vqe instead of -vq. Personally I haven't had problems with that, but Fabio Panigatti made some nice tests for me:

~# snmpwalk -c XX -v 2c -O vqe IP
~# snmpwalk -c XX -v 2c -O vq IP

As you can see, the difference is enormous: vq returned a string instead of an integer which breaks the plugin checks.

As always, thanks for any feedback.

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