Major Update of check_equallogic: Volumes check

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I am happy to announce a major update of the Nagios plugin check_equallogic: From now on it is possible to check the utilization of all created ISCSI volumes with the new created check-type 'volumes'. 

This feature has been long awaited and I got asked a lot if I could add this check. Yes, it did took a very long time but the main reason for this delay is this one: The SNMP OID's to find the needed information were not documented by Dell/Equallogic. And even when I opened a support request about a year ago, they could not give me the information where to find the volumes. I guess because they also checked through the MIB's which, as I said, are missing the volumes documentation. So I needed to go through all the data I got from an snmpwalk until I figured out where I could possibly find the volumes data.
And then there are other 'excuses' like a lot of work, girlfriend and life in general. Yeah we all know this distracts from programming! ;-)

As always, please post your feedback and possible (and proven) bugs to me.
Thanks for using check_equallogic.

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