New version of check_zpools: Several fixes, handling unknown pool and zpool command error

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It's been quite around check_zpools, a monitoring plugin to monitor ZFS pools, in the last couple of years. And due to a disabled "watch" setting in the Github repository, I never saw the pull requests coming in.

Actually there were two pull requests:

  • PR #9 was created in October 2016 (I knoooow!) and fixes two issues (#6 and #8)
  • PR #11 (based on PR #10 but with resolved merge conflicts) also handles a non-working zpool command.

The two PRs together contain a couple of fixes, including handling unknown pool names (resulted OK before) and also handling when the zpool command results in an error.

Thanks a lot to the contributers, Per von Zweigbergk and @waoki, for submitting the pull requests.

The new version "2022-03-01" is now available.

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