check_mysql_write 1.6 available: Plugin now creates monitoring table by itself

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A new version of check_mysql_write is available. This monitoring plugin allows to monitor write operations on MySQL and MariaDB servers.

The new version 1.6 adds a new feature: The "monitoring" table will be created by the plugin itself if the table doesn't exist on the first run.

Prior to version 1.6, the database, its privileges and the monitoring table needed to be created by hand:

mysql> CREATE DATABASE monitoring;
mysql> GRANT ALL ON monitoring.* TO 'monitoring'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'secretpassword';
mysql> CREATE TABLE monitoring.monitoring ( id INT(3) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, host VARCHAR(100), mytime INT(13), PRIMARY KEY (id) );

The database and user privileges are still required prior to running the plugin. The table however can be created by the plugin itself (as long as the privileges on the database are sufficient of course).

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