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Happy 2011 everyone!

For a couple of weeks I have seen the load of a server, which has OTRS installed, rising and rising. Several times a day it reached a load 1min-average of 15 which I set as the critical factor to restart Apache. Just out of curiosity I decided to uninstall OTRS from the server and let it run without it.
Will the server stabilize? Will the load decrease? Actually both is the case:

OTRS high load

As you see in the graphic, the load went up to the 15-area several times a day (this is the overview of a month, that's why the average doesn't go up to 15). In the worst time period (between Week 50 and 51) the load and Apache restarts reached the top.
The red circle describes when OTRS was uninstalled. Yes the server load rose but it seems a pretty steady increase compared to the load peeks before. The same Apache process held on around 3 days until a restart was necessary. And since then the load is on an average of 1.50 - for more than 12h now. This proves how much resources OTRS needs. So I suggest to everyone to dedicate a (small) server to the OTRS installation.

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