After upgrading Icingaweb2 to 2.11 where have the feature commands global switches gone?

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After running apt-get dist-upgrade on a Debian Bullseye, the following icingaweb2 packages were upgraded from 2.10 to 2.11:

  • icingaweb2-common:amd64 (2.10.1-1.bullseye, 2.11.1-1.bullseye)
  • icingaweb2:amd64 (2.10.1-1.bullseye, 2.11.1-1.bullseye)
  • icingaweb2-module-monitoring:amd64 (2.10.1-1.bullseye, 2.11.1-1.bullseye)
  • icingaweb2-module-doc:amd64 (2.10.1-1.bullseye, 2.11.1-1.bullseye)

But after these packages were upgraded, the "global health" toggles (such as globally enable or disable notifications) seem to have disappeared in the UI.

Icingaweb2 before 2.11

In the older versions (here 2.9), the navigation on the left hand showed a "System" which neatly showed whenever something was globally disabled (yellow/brownish background):

With a click on the "System" and then on the "Monitoring Health" sub-entry, the current feature commands settings show up:

These toggle switches can be used to globally enable or disable features, such as checks and notifications. This is very helpful in special situations, for example when performing maintenance work on the monitoring systems.

Icingaweb 2.11: No Monitoring Health anymore?

But after the upgrade to Icingaweb 2.11, the "System" link has disappeared from the navigation:

However a new "configuration wheel" now shows up at the bottom of the navigation, right next to the logged-in username.

A click on the wheel opens up something like a "popup navigation". And here we can find the "System" entry and its "Health" sub-entry again:

But now to the confusing part: With a click on "Health" I would expect to see the feature toggles here, but instead only the health of the Icinga (backend) is shown:

But with another click on that "Icinga" entry (which looks like a service object), another context opens up on the right side and finally the toggles can be found there:

These toggles are quite hidden now and a globally disabled feature is not as obvious as in the older releases.

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