New version of check_mysql_slavestatus released: Bugfix when using both -H and -S (socket) parameters

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A new version of check_mysql_slavestatus, a monitoring plugin to check MySQL/MariaDB replications, is available.

Version 2023010300 fixes a minor bug when both -H (Host) and -S (Socket) parameters were used. The plugin is only intended to either connect to an IP or DNS Host using -H OR connect using a local socket using -S /run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

The plugin however didn't catch this wrong usage and should alert with an UNKNOWN error, mentioning what's wrong.

The new version now shows the relevant output, which should be helpful enough:

$ ./ -H localhost -u monitoring -p secret -S /run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
Either use -H Host or -S /path/to/mysql.sock but NOT both

$ echo $?

This bug was reported in issue 14 by Hector Valencia. Thanks for creating the issue!

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