check_shelly 0.2 released: Monitor the relay switch (power) status

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A new version of check_shelly, a monitoring plugin for Shelly IOT devices, is available.

The new version (0.2) adds the possibility to warn when a relay switch is not in the expected state. For example if you want to make sure that the relay switch is powered on, you can now use the new optional --expect-powerstatus parameter in combination with the "meter" check type:

./ -H IPofShelly -t meter -a -p secret -s 1 --expect-powerstatus 1
SHELLY WARNING: Device (shellypro4pm-XXXXXXXXXXXX) SWITCH_1 is off, currently using 0 Watt / 0 Amp |power=0 current=0 total_power=0.000 temp=51.0

Thanks and kudos go to Bernd Arnold for the contribution/pull request!

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