Monitoring plugin check_netio: Detect network interface operational status

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A new version of check_netio, a monitoring plugin to check network interfaces on Linux, is available.

The newest release, 1.7.0, adds an enhancement to the plugin and detects whether the selected interface is up or down. When the interface is down, the plugin alerts accordingly and exits with a CRITICAL status:

ck@bookworm:~$ ./ -i ens35
CHECK_NETIO CRITICAL - Interface ens35 is down

Obviously when the interface is up, the plugin does additional checks (e.g. interface errors) and shows performance data:

ck@bookworm:~$ ./ -i ens33
CHECK_NETIO OK - ens33: Receive 216717 Bytes, Transmit 217058 Bytes|NET_ens33_RX=216717B;;;; NET_ens33_TX=217058B;;;; NET_ens33_ERR_RX=0;;;; NET_ens33_ERR_TX=0;;;; NET_ens33_DROP_RX=0;;;; NET_ens33_DROP_TX=0;;;;

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