Peugeot Update not working and stuck in progress? Verify the partition(s) of the USB drive!

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Published on - last updated on April 27th 2024 - Listed in Personal Linux Windows

When you want to update the navigation maps or software on your Peugeot car, you (most likely) run the "Peugeot Update" program on a Windows machine. Unfortunately Linux is not supported :-/

Peugeot update stuck in progress

However you could run into a situation where the download of the update itself works, but then writing to the attached USB drive remains stuck after writing the first few KB:

Peugeot Update stuck in progress

You could let this run for hours and see no progress.

USB drive formatted, but not partitioned

Eventually I figured out the reason: Although the Peugeot Update application asks for your permission to format the USB drive, it only formats (and prepares) the first partition of the USB drive. The partitions themselves remain on the drive.

In my case I re-used a USB thumb drive which previously had a Linux Live image on it. This had used several partitions, including a very small EFI partition as first partition. Now Peugeot Update only used this first partition and tried to write the full >9GB of data into it. The application could clearly be smarter and detect in advance that there's not enough space on the first partition on that USB drive...

As a workaround I deleted all the partitions on the USB drive. On Linux you can use parted or fdisk commands, or use the GParted GUI if you don't feel comfortable on the command line.

On Windows you can use Disk Management to remove the partitions of the attached USB drive.

This should show you the attached USB drive and all the partitions. The following screenshot already shows the final USB drive setup with a single partition, FAT32 formatted:

Single Partition USB drive: Success

Once all the partitions were removed and only a single partition remained (and was formatted with the FAT32 file system), the Peugeot Update application was successfully able to write the updates to the drive.

Peugeot Update progressing

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