Some minor changes in check_equallogic plugin

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Some minor changes were done today in the Nagios plugin check_equallogic:

  • Bugfix in the fan check. The warning threshold was not correctly calculated due to a stupid typo. Thanks to Martin Conzelmann for the discovery.
  • The output of the diskusage check was adjusted to be a bit more human readable (output in GB). The perfdata output was also modified. Thanks to Grant Davies for the idea and testing. If you use graphs (e.g. PNP4Nagios or Nagiosgraph), please check if the graphs are still created or if you have to adjust the map. 
Another thing I realized this morning was that the download statistics of all Nagios plugins were stale - for a long time now. After a short research I figured out that my dumb-ass brain decided to use tinyint as field type of 'id' in the download table - no surprise that after 127 days no downloads were counted anymore. I manually added the number of downloads since last December but many months of counts are lost. Anyhow, the number of downloads is still impressing.

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