Cleanup Confixx after a server transfer

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Here's a little note to all of you out there who might be in a project transferring the contents of a webserver (Websites, EMails, and so on) to another webserver. The administration software is Confixx.

After the transfer we experienced the following problems:

- The customer vhosts had the wrong IP's.
You can solve this problem when you update the IP addresses in the MySQL DB confixx in the tables "kunden" and "reseller".

- PHP Safe Mode is on.
I'm currently still trying to get to know where this setting is coming from. As a temporary fix I set a httpd_special entry to every customer "PHP Safe Mode off".

- Some problems with the email settings of customers.
But this is mainly clientside (except from 2 mail accounts which just didn't exist on the server - who know's why).

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