Major update of check_esxi_hardware Nagios plugin

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Phil Randal did an awesome job by more or less completely rewriting the check_esxi_hardware Nagios plugin. He added a lot of new functions:

  • Parameters
    The plugin can now be launched like other Nagios plugins with parameters for destination host (-H), username (-U), etc.
    The old way to use the plugin is still possible.

  • Auto Hardware Detection
    A switch has been added in the plugin to (try) auto-detect the server hardware by using the CIM information. It is still recommended to use the correct hardware type though.

  • Perfdata
    With the new optional parameter -p (or --perfdata) it is now possible to let the plugin show perfdata of the server hardware. Useful for graphics like Nagiosgraph or PNP4Nagios.

  • Web-Links to Hardware Doc
    For Dell servers it is possible to add the switch -I (--html) which will add an web-link to the hardware documentation of the specific server.
This can all be found in the new version 20110503 of check_esxi_hardware. Again an enormous thanks to Phil Randal, who completely rebuilt the plugin!

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