Gotcha, little bugger (Wyse WTOS 7 DomainList and SelectGroup bug)

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For around two years now I'm using Wyse Thin Clients (V10L) for desktop virtualization. From the beginning on it was very interesting to configure all Thin Clients at once via a simple ftp server which had a main configuration file (wnos.ini) as well as user specific configuration files (username.ini). The latter ones stored RDP connection settings for each user - at least that's how I set it up.

Two years later - newer model (V10LE) and new version of WTOS (7.0). And this time the requirements are different: ICA (Citrix Xen) should now be used instead of simple RDP. Compared to my setup two years ago, I wanted to have a sure and certain NTLM sign-on. To make it easier for users, a domain list was defined, so users can select their domain (user's are sheep, they don't know what a domain is). This is how I configured the wnos.ini:

DomainList="DOM1, DOM2, DOM_3"

So far so good, the NTLM sign-on works great, the user can select the domain or if only one domain is used (in my case) it is already pre-selected.

Now the requirements are that the connection should not be made per user but per user-group. As the WTOS is not able to read an OU from a DC, there's another possibility: SelectGroup. With this WTOS parameter a user can select a group at the sign-on window:

SelectGroup=yes GroupDescription="Group 1" GroupName="G1" \
GroupDescription="Group 2" GroupName="G2"

The groups are nicely shown and the user can select it, but funnily now the NT domains from the defined DomainList aren't shown anymore. As soon as SelectGroup is deactivated, DomainList works again.

I'll now open a case with Wyse and wait for a bug confirmation.

Update May 25th: It really seems to be a bug. There is a workaround though: If you define DomainList in the group ini file, the value of DomainList will be shown at the logon prompt as soon as this group has been selected. Another funny thing is that the DOMAIN value stays, even if you select another group which doesn't have the DomainList definition in its ini file.

2nd Update, also May 25th: I just installed WTOS 7.0_217 and tested the behavior with this version but the bug is still there.

3rd Update June 2nd: Wyse confirmed this is a bug in WTOS and they're currently working on it.

4th Update, July 25th: The official answer of Wyse is, that this isn't a bug:
"We suppose groups are using different broker, domain list, so we clear these settings before loading the group settings. So we suggest that the group broker and domain list should be defined in group ini file instead of global ini file."

So I finally got the answer. As soon as Groups are used, Wyse thinks that each group has by default a new DomainList entry. It is therefore mandatory to set this in each group.ini.

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