Modified Nagios Plugin check_dell_warranty (Adapted to euro website)

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In the past few days, DELL worked on their warranty information website. The url has slightly changed which breaks the very useful Nagios plugin check_dell_warranty (it parses DELL's website for warranty information of the given service tag). 

For my own purpose I also mini-modified the plugin to use the euro (emea) instead of the US website. Here are the diff's compared to check_dell_warranty version 2.1.2. The bold formatted ones are the changes I made. Please note that also the US website URL slightly changed.

<     dell_url = (''
<     + 'my_systems_info/details?c=us&l=en&s=gen&ServiceTag=')
>     #dell_url = (''
>     #+ 'my_systems_info/details?servicetag=')

>     # 2011-05-26 Claudio New DELL URL
>     dell_url = (''
>     + 'my_systems_info/en/details?servicetag=')

<         month, day, year = date.split('/')
>         #month, day, year = date.split('/')
>         #return, int(month), int(day))
>       # European dateformat (28/06/2011)
>       # Claudio 2011-05-26
>         day, month, year = date.split('/')
>          return, int(month), int(day))

As you see, these are really mini-modifications: URL changed, datehandling changed.

You can download '" here:

The purpose of my modification is to use the euro/emea website with the new URL, I don't want to replace the original plugin with this version. For feedback, feature requests, etc, the original author (Erinn Looney-Triggs) should be contacted.

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Matt C from Boston, MA wrote on Feb 8th, 2012:

Within the last couple of days the Dell site has changed, and I was able to use this modification in the python script to access the warranty information. Good job on this mini-modification. I didn't personally download the file, but simply created a copy of the file and made modifications by hand.