Improved disk check on check_equallogic Nagios plugin

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Already a long time ago I've received interesting patches from Amir Shakoor for the Nagios plugin check_equallogic. Unfortunately my Equallogic has been down for several months now, so I was kind of stuck with the plugin and without a possibility to test modifications. Until today! Equallogic is up again in a new data centre and I can continue my work.

The new version 20110725, which is my birthday (yayy!), contains a rewritten disk check which still uses the same logic but instead of making 8 snmp requests, all informations are fetched in one request. This improves the performance of this check by factor 6.

/pub/nagios/libexec # time ./check_equallogic -H my.equallogic.ip -C public -t disk
DISK OK 15 disks OK 1 disks spare
real    0m0.085s
user    0m0.052s
sys     0m0.004s

/pub/nagios/libexec # time ./check_equallogic -H my.equallogic.ip -C public -t diskold
DISK OK 15 disks OK 1 disks spare

real    0m0.585s
user    0m0.344s
sys     0m0.048s

The old disk check is still available by using 'diskold' as check type (-t).

Some minor bugfixes were added afterwards for this new check so it runs on all systems.

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