Firefox 7 cuts http:// from adress bar (and how to restore it)

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Published on October 15th 2011 - last updated on March 27th 2020 - Listed in Internet

Today I noticed that my beloved Firefox browser started to cut off the web address (more precisely the HTTP request method) in the address bar since I recently upgraded to Firefox 7.

This is how it looks:

http not shown in Firefox anymore

When being connected to an SSL secured website, the https:// is still shown:

https:// still shown in Firefox 7

Maybe I'm nostalgic or whatever, but I still want the http:// to be shown there, like it is shown on https sites.
To re-enable this, a setting in the Firefox config needs to be changed.

In the address bar enter "about:config", as if you wanted to access a website. Then click on the "I'll be careful, I promise" button.
The important setting here to change is the following:

Firefox settings urlbar.trimURLs

Double-click on the "browser.urlbar.trimURLs" row and it will change the value to false (and it will become bold).

From now on the address bar shows the http:// again:

http:// shows again in Firefox 7 address bar

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