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I'm currently working on a new website for my father, who will be a candidate for the local parliament in the canton (state) of Thurgau in Switzerland. The main goal is to deliver some basic information of the political views and ideas but it shouldn't be a "boring" website with tons of text which nobody's gonna read.

We came up with the idea of using a dynamic Gallery Slideshow which doesn't require Flash, so it will also be working on mobile devices. This way impressions can be given to the visitor through pictures and some text as descriptions. The technical solution for this gallery is a JavaScript solution called fadeslideshow.

New Project: Website New Project: Website

The gallery doesn't need interaction, automatically changes pictures (fade-effect) and shows an embedded description in a layer above the image.

Here are two other pictures showing the general design of the website and the navigation, which uses CSS3 for the effects:

New Project: Website New Project: Website

The website will be available soon on

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