New/rewritten pool checks in check_equallogic

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A new version (20120405) of the well used check_equallogic monitoring plugin is available.

Several modifications were done in the last days, mainly by Erwin Bleeker. In version 20120319 he added a new check type called poolconn which checks the highest number of ISCSI connections per pool (compared to the conn check, which measures the total number of connections).

Then he also rewrote the poolusage check, which wasn't actually showing the real usage of defined pools, but rather the utilization of an Equallogic member (and its disk) in a group. So to make use of that, two things happened:
1. The old poolusage check was renamed to memberusage - to be able to measure the disk utilization on each member of the whole group
2. New poolusage check which now correctly shows the utilization of a pool

The new poolusage check was introduced in version 20120330. The latest version 20120405 contains some small bugfixes for the output of the new poolusage check when no thresholds were used.

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